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Signs Your Air System Needs Cleaning

Wondering if your air system needs cleaning? Below are some tipoffs that a good thorough cleaning might help.

Your home:

  • is brand new
  • has had renovations or other carpentry work done
  • has had asbestos cleanup work done

You notice that:

  • your heating or air conditioning bills have slowly crept up over time
  • your heating or cooling system is quieter than it used to be (dust buildup can

muffle fan noise)

You see or smell:

  • drain spills or flooding
  • slimy drain pans, or spots or patches of mold
  • bad odors, especially when the furnace comes on
  • an increase in the amount of dust you’re wiping off furniture and other surfaces

You or your family members feel:

  • unusually tired
  • prone to colds, sore throats, flu, sinus congestion, or headaches
  • bothered by asthma, allergies, or unexplained

allergy-like symptoms

  • affected by memory loss, “brain fog”, or inability to concentrate
  • worse when you’re in your home, but better when away from it

If the building is a business location, you may notice that:

  • employees show an unusually high rate of absenteeism and/or a high rate of illness

If any of the above apply to you, call Don’s Power Vac for more information on how we can help.

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