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Commercial Duct Cleaning Methods

  1. Standard Method. This method cleans the duct system using forced air and a strong vacuum. The standard method is recommended for removing dust and debris from the ducting systems of brand new buildings only. Once a building has been occupied, moisture in the air causes the dust to stick to the interior of the ducts, so the building must be cleaned using a more advanced technology.
  2. Power Whip/Viper Method. This method is suitable for most cleaning tasks. A power whip cleaning tool is used along with forced air and vacuum to dislodge dirt and debris from the ducts. All commercial, industrial, and institutional cleaning involves either the Power Whip or Pneumatic Brush method (described below).
  3. Pneumatic Brush Method. This is the most advanced of the three duct cleaning methods, giving superior cleaning results. In the pneumatic brush method, hi-tech rotating brushes and a strong vacuum are used to clean the ducts. The use of this technology is common in hospital and institutional cleaning, where very high standards of cleanliness are required. White-glove testing of the ducting should detect no dust residue after this method of cleaning has been used.

Don’s Power Vac is experienced in all types of commercial air duct cleaning, including:

  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct systems cleaning
  • boiler cleaning (fire box area and most types of heat exchangers)
  • fume hood system cleaning
  • heating and cooling coil cleaning
  • exhaust stack cleaning
  • dryer room vent cleaning (lint removal for increased dryer efficiency)
  • roof air handling unit cleaning
  • dust removal for sandblasting contracts
  • asbestos removal cleanup
  • mold testing and remediation
  • indoor air quality testing

Don’s Power Vac backs up its professional duct cleaning services with:

  • Video inspection
  • Certificate of completion
  • Photos of ductwork before and after cleaning
  • Testing to confirm cleaning to specifications (Level 1 or Level 2) of the NADCA standard.

Video of Cleaning in Action

For more information on heating and ventilation systems duct cleaning in apartments, hotels, shopping centres, and all other types of commercial buildings, contact us. For residential services please contact Home Pros Group.