High Rise Services
Our highrise maintenance unit provides unequaled safety and service quality for building envelope repair and maintenance,highrise window washing, commercial pressure washing and vent cleaning. We have an expert group of highrise repairs and maintenance workers that will make sure you regularly receive the solutions that you deserve. Our roster of highrise repair and maintenance workers is certified by IRATA and work under the supervision of a level 3 IRATA supervisor.

We employ only extremely seasoned and qualified IRATA service technicians operating under the direction of trained IRATA supervisors. Our technicians are market experts, with countless hours of prior experience pressure washing and performing other repairs and maintenance work while suspended from rope systems.

It is our continued ambition to top the highrise servicing market to a higher level of efficiency, quality, professionalism and safety.

We’re proud of our flawless Safety record, which we achieve through strict adherence to the following:

  • Our defined Health and Safety program
  • The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association Code of Practice
  • (IRATA) Written Operating Procedures.
  • Faithfulness to all WorkSafe health and safety regulations
  • techs are individually certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association
  • Supervisors each carry OFA first-aid certification
  • Written safety gatherings are conducted
  • Site-specific Fall Protection Plans are applied
  • Prior to any job begins written rescue plans are produced.
  • All techs are rescue trained.
  • techs never work alone.
  • All life safety equipment is inspected and documented regularly.
  • Full 100% redudant safety systems are always used.
  • Commercial standards for Personal Safety Gear are strictly followed.
  • All tools are on lanyards.
  • We adhere to the Highest Standard of Safety.