Graffiti Removal
Dons Power Vac is ready to take on just about any high rise or tough to access paint removal job. The trickiest vandals are no match for our pressure washers, sandblasters, and mechanical cleaning instruments in the hands of our skilled rope access service technicians. When you need Professional High Rise Paint removal Services.

High Rise Paint Removal

High buildings, signs, bridges and many other difficult to access areas are no problem to safely and securely access – our rope access equipment allow our specialists to promptly and safely setup, and these devices offer a considerably larger degree of versatility than typical Bosun’s chair systems, or expensive truck devices. The final outcome for you is that we can finish the job quickly, safely and for a fragment of our nearest competitors in the sector.

We’ll remove and undesirable and potentially offensive graffiti, or prepare the facade for a fresh coat of paint, just contact us right now to see how we can help you keep your structure looking bright, fresh and clean.