Equipment Installation
Don’s Power Vac has the proper rope access equipment and safety training to safely and securely get service technicians where you need them most. Our safety licensed high access rope specialists can quickly and safely get to typically hard to reach areas to install electronic devices, monitoring equipment, safety supports or any other instruments needing installation in a tricky to reach area.

Often these installs or upkeep get put off because of the often exorbitant cost, so by the time they’re actually mounted or repaired the demand is dire. Our field leading high-rise access rope systems are versatile, extremely safe, quick to setup and take apart, and inexpensive to operate and maintain. So with some fast napkin math of “Safe” + “Quick” + “versatile”=”inexpensive”!
We’re able to deliver our services for a portion of the cost of our closest priced competitor without compromising on quality or safety.