Rope Access Services
Get active eyes where you want them the most utilizing our specialized rope access enclosed space inspection services. Furnaceman / Don’s Power Vac has carried out a great number of visual and photographic inspections of all type of hard to access higher or constricted areas. Our technicians are the very best at getting where the competition simply can’t. While Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) definitely have their function in hard to access inspections, there is merely no replacement for a direct human assessment. Save cash on expensive drones and snooper outfitted trucks that can really only give you a cursory look with limited equipment. Our rope access inspectors are able to deliver you with live video streams, written thorough reports and photo or video documentation – as well as having a pair of skilled eyes right there at the source.

Your friends in high places

We have a range of remarkably skilled techs to complete projects efficiently and safely. Our rope access techniques are much safer than typical methods with certification regulated by governing bodies. Our teams aim to accomplish duties in a shorter time frame than conventional procedures, saving both time and resources.

We partner with our clients to supply first-class project management solutions engineered for their necessities and most important, to lessen risk. We know that our consumers have external and market place pressures beyond their control so when we design an option, it’s a custom plan accordinged to our years of know-how.
Our areas of expertise include

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