Don’s Power Vac is happy to offer our unparalleled commercial janitorial services to storehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrialized buildings both big and small in Edmonton with our Edmonton Industrial Janitorial Service. In industrialized scenarios, safety is of top concern. That’s the reason that we provide janitorial services that can be tracked and inspected to make certain we achieve our high level of sanitation each time we clean. Like our patrons in the commercial space, we are consistently supervising our quality and making adjustments to obtain the highest levels of quality and effectiveness.

Our expertise and focus on detail are what set us apart from various other industrialized janitorial companies. We’ll commence your agreement with a first impressions survey to examine every component of your facility and identify where to focus our treatment. In routine intervals, we will inspect your facility and evaluate our cleanliness levels using custom checklist to ensure Don’s Power Vacs’ standards are being met, and you are 100% content with our industrial janitorial service.

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Your industrialized janitorial routine can feature a variety of services to match your unique requirements. Regardless if you need to have daily, weekly or bi-weekly maintenances, we’ll fashion a calendar that keeps your industrialized facility appearing and running at its best. Your selected industrialized janitorial services may feature:
• Comprehensive carpeting and hard flooring exterior care
• Stripping, waxing, buffing or sealing of floor coverings
• Sanitization of surfaces and hardware using hospital-grade anti-fungals
• Extraction of filth, debris and dust
• Specialized cleansing services on a monthly, seasonal or yearly basis
• And more!

At Don’s Power Vac we understand that your industrialized facility has strict routines and critical regulations to comply with. Our goal is to offer you with a well-maintained and safe location to assure continuance of your operations at all times. If you would like more info on Edmonton Industrial Janitorial services, or to receive a free quote on your cleaning needs, contact Don’s Power Vac today.