Furnace Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Edmonton Furnace MaintenanceFurnace Maintenance – Gas furnaces are very user-friendly and effective way to properly heat your home but they do require regular maintenance. Gas furnaces can be hazardous if they are in need of maintenance and you ignore them; for example, a gas leak that is not noticed can be very dangerous if it is not treated immediately. This page will take a look at 10 simple maintenance tips to ensure that your gas furnace works properly.


1.Check for gas leaks

Gas leaks are easy to spot around a gas furnace, gas produces a very strong and distinguishing smell that will lead you to the source of the leak. Gas leaks require a professional to repair the furnace immediately to properly stop the leak.

2.Is your thermostat working?

Have you noticed that your home is either really hot or really cold even though the thermostat is set at or around room temperature? When a thermostat is malfunctioning the furnace will not heat the house properly, which makes the unit very inefficient and ineffective.

3. Is a control valve turned open?

Is your furnace creating little or no heat and you can’t determine the problem? A common problem when getting a gas furnace to work properly is that the control valve is switched off if the valve is turned off the furnace will not create any heat.

4. Is your air filter working?

Regularly changing the air filter is an important part of gas furnace maintenance that should be done once a year. Air filters can be purchased at almost any hardware store and are very affordable. A clogged and dirty air filter will make the furnace produce less heat which ends up costing you more on your heating bill.

5. Does your gas furnace need cleaning?

Cleaning is an essential task for proper gas furnace maintenance. Please call a professional to come in and clean your ducts and furnace unit.

6. When was the last time you checked the tension belt?

If your gas furnace is running louder than usual you probably need to replace the tension belt. Call a professional furnace technician to properly fix or install a new tension belt.

7. Check the pilot light.

If the pilot light is out the furnace will simply not work at all. Look at your furnace and make sure that the pilot light is lit and working properly. The pilot light should be a deep blue color, but if it is another color then it is not working properly and a technician will be required.

8. Have you oiled the motor recently?

Oil is essential for correct maintenance on a gas furnace; all you have to do is apply a few drops, a little goes a long way. Oil should be added to the motor annually, but some recommend that you do it every 3 months. This will greatly extend the life of your furnace.

9. Check the venting often.

The venting that is connected to the gas furnace should be checked regularly for clogs and dust. If the ventilation is clogged it could pose a variety of dangers including carbon monoxide poisoning.

10. Shutting the system off post cold season

Gas furnaces do need to be shut off after the winter season. This is a great opportunity to have the unit cleaned and the air filter replaced. All the above tips should be used at the beginning of every season to ensure an effective and efficient heating unit.


You can always call in a professional heating/plumbing company to help if you are unsure of your abilities