Are You Getting Your Carpets Cleaned? Five Tips Prior To Before Carpet Cleaning

Things to do before carpet cleaningFive Tips Before Carpet Cleaning – Are you looking to replace your old smelly carpet? Don’t spend thousands of dollars on replacing your flooring; have it professionally cleaned. It is much more affordable to clean rather than replace and carpet looks and smells like new when finished. If you have made the decision to use our professional carpet cleaning services then here are five helpful tips to prepare your home to ensure a quick and complete job.

Before carpet cleaning here are 5 Tips on how to prepare your residence for professional carpet cleaning

1) Clean your home thoroughly before the cleaning crew arrives. Thoroughly clean and dust every picture frame, wall switch, light fixture, baseboards and crown molding. Begin cleaning a few days before we arrive to ensure you complete the job.

2) If you are fortunate enough to have a basement or an unoccupied room that doesn’t require carpet cleaning, move some pieces of furniture into that room to open up the areas that will be cleaned. Less furniture enables our cleaners too quickly clean your carpet.

3) Free moving boxes can often be found at grocery stores, local businesses and through online classifieds like Kijiji and Craigslist. Box up household items and place in your garage or storage area. Less clutter and open areas ensure a quick and damage free cleaning.

4) For complete peace of mind, you should lock all valuables in the in a safe place on the day of your appointment. This guarantees that all of your valuable belongings are completely safe from damage.

5) Fill your bathtubs with smaller household items the morning of the appointment (leave one shower or tub free for showers later). Bathrooms are a great place to store items while your carpet is being cleaned. Make sure that all occupants are aware that things are stored in the bathroom to prevent water damaged items.

Allow 24 hours to pass before you return your furniture to ensure the carpet is completely dry. It is well worth the wait it to have such a fresh smelling clean house. The carpet looks virtually new because steam cleaning seems to fluff up carpet fibers. You’ll be happy knowing how much you saved by choosing our professional cleaners rather than replacing your flooring.

By using these five tips you will be properly prepared to transform your living space without spending a fortune. Call our sister company for carpet cleaning services