Don’s Power Vac is experienced in meeting the challenges of industrial duct cleaning and HVAC systems. Whether your concerns involve employee health, HVAC cost savings, or standards compliance, DPV will meet your specified duct cleaning standards. Don’s Power Vac is experienced in cleaning:

• Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
• Boilers (fire box area and most types of heat exchangers)
Fume hood systems
• Power washing of heating and cooling coils
• Exhaust Stacks

All HVAC duct cleaning is done with truck mounted vacuum units, brushes and compressed air, and high-pressure washing if required. Don’s Power Vac backs up its services with:

• Video inspection
• Certificate of completion
• Photos of ductwork before and after cleaning
• Testing to confirm cleaning to specifications (Level 1 or Level 2)

DPV is also experienced in:

• Dust removal for sandblasting contracts
• Asbestos removal cleanup
• Mold testing and remediation
• Indoor air quality testing programs

Industrial Duct Cleaning in Edmonton.

Don’s Power Vac is the first air duct cleaning service in Edmonton to earn a Certificate of Recognition in the Partnerships in Health and Safety Program launched by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. To earn this certification, Dons’ employees have been trained in construction safety, materials handling procedures, CPR First Aid, and many related health and safety issues. As of August 2004, Don’s Power Vac is the only heating and ventilation systems cleaning company in Edmonton to have earned this certification.

For HVAC duct cleaning in a challenging environment, Don’s employees will take specialty training (such as NADCA) as needed to meet your specific industrial duct cleaning needs.