high dusting services in Edmonton

High Dusting in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, factory, warehouse or industrial site, requires a specialize set of skills and equipment. Methods and equipment used vary greatly from the methods that you would use at home for dusting your house, the reason for this is we are dealing with dust on a very large scale.

Equipment: the equipment we use is commercial size, the most common pieces of equipment includes a truck mount vacuum system that moves about 1000 times the suction force of a residential vacuum cleaner, extension vacuums, high pressure air systems with special attachments (when safe to use), air scrubbers that are equipped with HEPA filters, special brushes and vacuum buy ventolin us heads that are designed to get around a variety of different shapes, ladders, scissor lift and JLG man lifts.

Our company also specializes in cleaning commercial duct work but during high dusting, we end up cleaning the outside of the ductwork as well as ceiling pipes, electrical conduit, vents and lighting fixtures.

As you can now tell, commercial high dusting is much different than traditional feather dusting. We work at Heights over 100 feet high with high-pressure air and extremely powerful vacuum systems. If you need help controlling dust, contact the experts at Don"s Power Vac.

High Dusting: Our article on the dangers of built up dust in the workplace here: Dust Explosions