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Edmonton Furnace Cleaning

Edmonton Furnace Cleaning

Edmonton furnace cleaning Don’s Power Vac was started in 1965 as a residential furnace cleaning company, one of the first in Canada, and 50 years later we are still providing Edmonton furnace cleaning services. As a company Don’s Power Vac has grown to be one of the largest in Western Canada, specializing in commercial and industrial furnace and duct cleaning but still maintaining a strong residential Edmonton furnace cleaning division.

Don’s Power Vac uses nothing but the best when it comes to our furnace cleaning equipment, we use very powerful truckmounted vacuum systems in the latest in brush and robotics duct cleaning equipment. Our residential team uses the patented Viper system for residential Edmonton furnace cleaning.

All Don’s Power Vac technicians go through an in-house training program as well as NADCA (Nation Air Duct Cleaners Association) certification. Our technicians are trained to do a multi point furnace inspection well performing Edmonton furnace cleaning services.


Edmonton furnace cleaning

Quality service and doing the job right the first time is what’s kept Don’s Power Vac in business since 1965 with many repeat customers and an excellent reputation. Our furnace cleaning and duct cleaning techniques will make sure that all ducts, vents and filters are free of dust and debris and ready for another Edmonton heating season.

Cleaning your furnace is an essential part of your home maintenance program. Your furnace system requires annual maintenance, monthly filter changes and cleaning to function properly. The benefits to doing this is a longer-lasting furnace system, improved efficiency which will save you money and better indoor air quality.

Our Edmonton furnace cleaning service is effective and efficient, we will change your air filter, clean the interior of your furnace and all the ducting. Let our 50 years of experience in Edmonton furnace cleaning speak for itself with our high-quality and professionally trained service technicians we will make sure you’re ready for another Edmonton heating or cooling season with cleaner air. Call Don’s Power Vac today at 780-447-1133.