Book an exhaust hood cleaning

Commercial exhaust hood cleaning is all about the removal of built-up grease in restaurant range hood exhaust systems.

Not only does cleaning improve the air-quality, make the kitchen a cleaner and safer food handling place while reducing the risk of fire -but- it is also a legal requirement. The business owner is legally required to have the exhaust hood systems cleaned. How often cleaning is required will vary with usage however.

Some kitchens require cleaning every month if they"re burning solid fuels such as wood or coal. Other kitchens such as a community Center that only cooks on Sundays might only have to clean the exhaust hood system once per year. However the vast buy ventolin cheap majority of restaurants are required to clean the kitchen exhaust system quarterly or at least three times per year.

Certified Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Here at Don"s Power Vac, our professional exhaust hood cleaning systems are Phil Acklands certified and NFPA 96 approved.

We typically use purposely designed truck mount equipmentfor best results. However we have portable equipment for apartments and other hard to reach from the outside areas. We will always bring your system back to code and report any deficiencies that may need attention.

If you require an estimate on professional exhaust hood cleaning contact us today. We"d be happy to provide a no-obligation Quote.