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Furnace Cleaning North Cooking LakeWe have been in business since 1965 providing commercial furnace cleaning in North Cooking Lake and all these years in business has given us the opportunity to create the proper procedures and cleaning policies that benefit the commercial property owners. Don’s Power Vac follows the strict guidelines set by NADCA or the national air duct cleaners association. This guideline or code of ethics includes proper cleaning procedures, the safety of the furnace cleaning technician and the knowledge necessary to perform to a very high standard. We provide free estimates on all commercial furnace cleaning in North Cooking Lake jobs, we do this because most companies in Alberta will use a very complicated system for calculating the total cost the consumer will have to pay. Many times the consumer will think that they are getting a great deal when they book the call, only to be surprised when they receive their final bill.

How Often Should I Hire A Commercial Furnace Cleaning Company?

We get asked all the time by consumers how often they should hire a furnace cleaning company, the truth of the matter is there are a few situations that make a big difference in how often the service should be performed, they are:

  1. Is there a lot of construction in the area?
  2. What type of furnace filters are you using?
  3. Does the HVAC system have any coils such as reheat coils, or air conditioning coils?

Many furnace systems do not require cleaning for up to five years, and it greatly depends on the above two questions and how old the furnace system is. New furnaces have a secondary heat exchanger coil that looks a lot like an air conditioning coil and does require cleaning more often than older style furnaces.

Cleaning the coils in a commercial HVAC system is one of the most important and neglected preventative maintenance procedures that you can do. If you are a property manager that is struggling to find out why your heating bills are so high or why there seems to be no end to the repair bills, have you HVAC technicians check the various coils in your system and make sure they are fully cleaned.

What Is Included In A Commercial Furnace Cleaning in North Cooking Lake Service?

Most people are very unaware of what should and shouldn’t be included in a furnace cleaning service. The first thing to remember is that furnace cleaners are not service technicians and should not be forming repairs on your HVAC system.

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Don’s Power Vac Other Services

Don’s Power Vac is a commercial furnace cleaning company but we also provide a few other important cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties such as:

  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning – Plugged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of fires in North America, our commercial technicians have the skills and knowledge to properly clean the dryer ducting, termination point, and the back of the dryer where most fires occur. For dryer vent cleaning in North Cooking Lake call 780-447-1133 for a free estimate or send us a quote request
  2. High Dusting – Cleaning any surface above 8′ is generally termed as high dusting in commercial applications. This is due to the risk of falling and the need for specialized equipment and tools to properly do the job. Our technicians have the proper fall protection training needed to work at heights, in fact, we have cleaned ceilings that were over 80′ high. Sometimes we are asked to perform high dusting for aesthetics and improved lighting for businesses such as grocery stores or commercial merchandise stores. Other times high dusting is required for safety measures such as manufacturing facilities, welding shops, and food processing plants. High dusting can be a dangerous job as some dust is explosive, a few examples would be powdered sugar, flour, or grain. If you are considering high dusting in North Cooking Lake please call us at 780-447-1133 or request a quote.
  3. Disaster Restoration Contents Cleaning – We have been involved in the disaster restoration field for many years as a support company after ductwork was damaged by either smoke or water and required cleaning before the area was inhabited again. Our sister company Home Pros offer complete disaster restoration contents cleaning services for contractors or insurance companies that are looking to clean rather than replace their client’s soft contents. For a free estimate please call 780-455-1188 or request a quote here: Quote Request

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